Big brain Club IV

FABRIKA.SPACE, Blagovischenska 1 st.

Nov 29. FABRIKA.SPACE. Big brain Club IV. DevOps Evening.

You are welcome on the fourth meetup of Artjoker’s Big Brain Club

We are starting, as usual, at 6.30 p.m.

Tests are failed, Git doesn’t work, keys don’t fit SSH – but you don’t know how to cope with all these points? Are you interested in devOps sphere, but don’t know what to start with?

Big Brain Club IV – is the meetup of ones who link development and  and operations management together. Top specialists will share best practices to let you take up the challenges of newday business needs on the fly.

Our goal is to join all the people who are fond of software development into one community.

Who might be interested: Dev-ops specialists of any qualification level, and everyone who is as hot for the mobile development as we are.

The speakers are:

Alexandr Sviridov (Senior DevOps Engineer, Cupermind)

Topic: Docker in the local development

Andrey Kovtun (DevOps Engineer,, CHI Software)

Topic:Terraform instead of Ansible

Stanislav Kolenkin (Senior DevOps, DataArt)

Topic:From Monoliths to Microservices. Effective orchestration with Kubernetes

Arrangement fee: 300 UAH

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