Big Brain Club: Design Evening

Location, Blagoveschenskaya St. 1
For cluster participants
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Big Brain Club’s team is waiting for all who bring each detail of prototypes to perfection, keep within usability laws and cultivate creativity in work.


What? Design Evening. Having the experience of designing dozens successful projects speakers will share the secrets of UI and UX as well as teach how to increase users’ loyalty using the cases of web and mobile projects.


The speakers are:


– Anna Dzhulii (Art Director, Vintage WEB production), “Emotional web design, the story of a responsive landing”

– Alexey Stiques (Art Director, MEAT Agency), “Design system for mobile and web projects”

– Alexey Churilov (Senior UX designer & Co-founder, Valium Digital), “Microinteractions that are must for web and mobile products in 2018”


When?  March 28, 6.30 pm, Fabrika.Space

Arrangement fee: 300 UAH