Beetroot company is launching a new project – DEVCHATA


Together with Front-End developer Katya Zakhovaiko, Beetroot company is launching a new project – DEVCHATA. This is a series of online meetings where girls from different companies will talk about IT, share their professional and personal experiences.

There will be created an open platform for conversation, where you can delve into technical topics, while working through fears and doubts, meet colleagues, understand how to grow in the industry without unnecessary stress and stereotypes.

The first meeting will take place on November 10 at 18:00.

The first guest will be Marina Skrypnyk, Front-End developer Beetroot. Marina is from Beetroot Solutions team, which develops turnkey projects. Worked with Ember.js and Angular frameworks, now the basis of its stack – Vue.js and React. She also studies software architecture. Worked on the international adaptation of the front-end course in the framework of cooperation between Beetroot Academy and Pink Programming (educational platform for girls in Sweden), taught modules in Pink Programming with JavaScript and Vue.js.

Katya will ask Marina what she needs to know about computer science. And you join the conversation too!

How is everything arranged?

We take coffee or tea, meet in ZOOM, get acquainted and communicate. Each meeting Katya will invite someone new to the conversation. We will talk for an hour on the topic and share insights.

Participation is free. Just register and we will send you a link to the meeting.


The next DEVCHATA meetings will take place:

✔️November 17 – we will talk about constructive feedback and how girls can work with criticism;
✔️December 1 – let’s talk about the impostor syndrome: where does it come from in girls and in general, how to prevent or eradicate it.

Do you have questions or suggestions for the following topics / speakers? Send them to our team:

See you! 😃