AI Conference Kyiv

Arena City, 2a Baseina Street, floor 4.
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AI for business: Kyiv to host a specialized conference – AI Conference Kyiv 

On November 14, the capital of Ukraine will host AI Conference Kyiv, a conference for those desiring to gain insight on the basics of artificial intelligence and its application in businesses. It is organized by Smile-Expo, a company that has been holding events dedicated to innovative technologies for 12 years.

About the conference

The conference will consist of 3 blocks: Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Chatbots.

Speakers will reveal how to use these technologies in businesses. Key topics:

  • how to reduce the amount of human errors;
  • how to cheapen and automate production;
  • how to acquire new customers and speed up the service process;
  • features of engineering solutions;
  • the most appropriate platforms for developing prototypes.

About the demo zone

The event will feature an exhibition area with Ukrainian novelties in the world of AI, IoT, and chatbots. All guests will be able to get acquainted with AI platform developers, examine recent solutions, and discover more about smart device operations.

About the Startup Battle

The event will end with the Startup Battle involving entrepreneurs and developers engaged in AI and IoT areas. Judges will assess new projects and give tips on their improvements and corrections. The best participant will receive a bonus from the team of organizers.

For whom

AI Conference Kyiv will be interesting to everyone aiming to apply AI for the working process optimization: business owners, top managers, heads of IT departments, developers, and marketing specialists.


Arena City, 2a Baseina Street, floor 4.

Working hours: 09:00–18:00.

AI Conference Kyiv is a new format of the conference dedicated to artificial intelligence in business organized by Smile-Expo. Previously, the company has already held AI, IoT, and chatbot events.

Attend the conference and discover what business opportunities are opened by new technologies!

Registration is available on the official website of AI Conference Kyiv.