Agile Rock Conference 2018

"DEPO Conference Hall" Kyiv, st. Antonovich, 52
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Agile Rock Conference 2018 is coming to Kyiv!

The “ loudest “ conference on approaches to flexible management of organizations and creative processes will be held in Ukraine on September 21st – 22nd. We’ll be welcoming 35 speakers from 14 countries: Germany, USA, Israel, Russia, Great Britain, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, Belgium, France and Australia.

The event  will bring together the best speakers with great stories of highs and falls  (yes, of course the falls!) of using Agile. Plus, musical performances and jam are held for all participants right at the conference! Our keynote speakers:

Henrik Kniberg, Sweden. Agile/Lean coach in Crisp. Worked with Spotify & LEGO. Author of “Scrum/XP from the Trenches” and amazing videos about engineer culture of Spotify. Also Henrik is a serious musician. And of course we invited him to #agilerockconf.

Marc Loeffler, Germany. Author and Agile coach. Marc is the author of “Improving Agile Retrospectives” published in the Mike Cohn series by Addison-Wesley Professional. Before getting in touch with agile methods and principles in 2006, he was working as a project manager for companies like the Volkswagen AG or the Siemens AG.

Angel Medinilla, Spain. Founder of Proyectalis – the leading Agile consulting and coaching company in Spain and Latinoamerica. Clients: Ericsson, Vodafone, Electronic Arts, EADS, Oracle, SAP, BBVA, Allianz, AXA, Auchan. He is the author of the books Agile Management (Springer) and “Agile Kaizen: Continuous Improvement Far Beyond Retrospectives’ (Springer).

Among others we will have practice speakers, mostly occupying  top leadership positions, from the uppermost companies such as: Spotify, Twinfield, IPLand, JBS, Diabol, Scalepoint,, ANNA, FlixMobility. You will also meet the coaches  from the leading consulting agencies: Scrum Ukraine, Agilelab, Unusual Concepts, AgileDrive, StartIT, Scrumguides, ScrumTrek, XP Injection.

And all this under a musical sauce! After all, what if a rock or a jazz band proves the power of self-organization and teamwork in action?


from 10:00 to 19:00

Ticket price:

280-350 USD

Conference Organizer:

Company Scrum Ukraine