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Training-center AdvanceIT is a product of two Kharkov-based educational projects: IT – Tuning (project, process and operations management) and PM School (practical  preparation  to IT projects management).  It’s mission is  development of business- and client-oriented mindset for managers in IT industry.

3 sub-courses of AdvanceIT.Business cover  the  most  difficult  areas  of  SW development and  business development  processes  in IT companies:

  • Initial stages  of  relations  with a customer,  from the interest  to transparent and  effective co-operation.
  • Business development with an existing customer, where both the client- oriented  approach and skilful business scale up is vitally needed.
  • Legal-Finance. Legaland financial aspects of IT- company functioning , connection  of  operational functions  with  strategic  development.

These areas of business process require cross functional co-operation  and  focus of all involved roles on a result  for  a company.

74 hours of intensive offline trainings (twice a week by 3 hours) from 7 practicing trainers with up to 20 group-mates  allow you already this year to remove main bottle necks in Client- and Team relations, as well as to practice skills of efficient communications among departments.

Middle managers (PM, Account, Sales, Delivery) will be able to amend their professional and career development plans.

Top managers (CEO, CTO, COO in small and scale-up business) will be able to adjust business processes in their companies, specify business expectations from their subordinates.


  • Wise projects’ initiation
  • Expectations and communications management
  • IT entrepreneurship
  • Contract types
  • Client oriented approach
  • Metrics: measure activities, connect to business
  • Requirements management: from the idea to working product
  • Change management (Soft Skills)
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Business economy and budgeting
  • Low in IT
  • – Strategic planning

You can register for the entire course, as well as for particular sub-course.

Corporate clients get special offers (get in touch with Alyona Parenchenko , tel.: 093 044 16 00, email:, skype id: alenaparenchenko)

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