Ad Insight Conference

For cluster participants
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How can you uncover truly great insights? Visit Ad Insight Conference on November 15 in Kyiv.

Ad Insight is an international social media ad conference which will cover a variety of topics about online advertising and website testing, ad campaigns optimizing and scaling, creatives developing, and other useful content.

Organizers: Media ads & School,, SMM Rocks.

Why attend:

💡 11 speakers from 5 countries will share their strategies and approaches that have delivered great results for their companies;

💡 8 lectures during which you can learn unique tactics and practical cases; 

💡 an opportunity to take part in one of 3 workshops: Facebook Pixel & Google Tag Manager, Post-click Conversion Rate Optimization, ad campaign structure and communication development;

💡 1 panel discussion and endless networking.

More details about the conference and speakers here.

Tickets are available at Standard price (from 2300 uah)