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Accelerate Your Career In Tech


You’ve got the passion, the skills, and the vision for a career in tech, but… how do you get there? Women Go Tech “Acceleration Program” is offering a roadmap to a successful transition! 🚀

It’s your bridge from learning to doing, providing you with support and confidence to accelerate your tech career to new heights.

✔️Match with Experienced Mentors for personalized guidance.
✔️Access Exclusive Events for industry insights and networking.
✔️Boost Hiring Prospects with comprehensive career support.
✔️Join a Supportive Community of like-minded women in tech.
✔️ Expand Your Professional Network with industry connections

Ready to accelerate your career in tech? We’re currently looking for mentees to join our Software Development & QA cohort. It’s crafted for those looking to enter Front-end development, Back-end development, and Quality assurance fields.

Apply by May 27th