7 most important financial management rules of the company

The Place Of, BC "Lira", st. Chernyshevskaya, 13, 4th floor
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Ability to manage finances is the key to the company’s success. After all, in the end, the effectiveness of the work is determined not by the team’s ideology and quality of work, namely by numbers.
November 11 at The Place Of will be a master class from the owner and director of the consulting company “TOR”, the creator and author of the School of Managers “ABIS” and “1st School of Financial Controlling” — Vyacheslav Shatillo.
We will introduce you to a financial management system that will provide your business with financial stability and solvency.
The master class will be useful to owners of small and medium-sized enterprises; start-ups; those who want to achieve financial confidence and stability.
The Place Of — Intelligent Science Club in Kharkiv: coworking and lecturer.
Location: BC “Lira”, st. Chernyshevskaya, 13, 4th floor