How to not make a mistake in a partner and draw up a partnership correctly?

How to build conversations rationally not to ruin a business? 

How to leave a partnership civilized or to reformat it? 

Owners of the IT-companies face these questions the most.


It is not always so that partners are unanimous in a choice of the development priorities, making decisions about project and investment financing, profits distribution, and personnel and even marketing decisions. A partnership can be ruined by the first big profits or by the first significant losses. The heirs, spouses of partners, or an outside investor can be a challenge for a partnership. 

It is not easy to build a successful partnership. It is work and art at the same time. 

More and more questions about partnerships Legal Committee of Kharkiv IT Cluster receives. We see more and more «problematic cases» in partnerships in a public area and legal area. That is why we have chosen partnership as a topic of Legal Talk 10th anniversary.

Traditionally, the event would gather owners, directors, financiers, and lawyers of the leading companies in the region, and starting and growing businesses.


Kharkiv IT Cluster gathers top-speakers to give you practice-oriented knowledges:

-how to check your future partners to avoid mistakes, -practical cases from the founder, entrepreneur, and investor from one of the most known IT-company in Ukraine; 

-recommendations on how to run partnership conflicts from one of the most known lawyers in Ukraine and the partner of the leading national law firm;

-expert opinion from an experienced business-trainer about the psychology of building a successful partnership.

We kindly invite you to build a successful IT-business without «underwater rocks» and «icebergs» together!


Time and place: 

29th May



Alexey Ivankin

the founder and CEO of OpenDataBot, entrepreneur, and an angel investor.

Topic: «Open data about your partners and how to negotiate»

Ekaterina Kovalchuk,

a business-trainer, an expert in building and developing business in a partnership, the founder of Kovalchuk Business-Direct Center.

Topic: «An efficient business-partnership building. The step-by-step instruction»


Oksana Kobzar, 

the Head Of Legal Kharkiv IT Cluster, a partner of Axon Partners law firm, lawyer, MBA, recommended lawyer of Legal 500 in “Tax” and “Corporate, Commercial and M&A” categories.

The tickets sale will be closed after the full recruitment of participants. The number of seats is limited. Please, register in advance and note that the seat is guaranteed after payment.