14-th Kharkiv Open Sports Programming Championship


On April, 23th youth academic community “Q-BIT” is holding the 14-th Kharkiv Open Sports Programming Championship on the base of Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics.

The championship is one of the largest Ukrainian annual competitions in programming. Generally, its participants are students from field-specific departments, high school students, and teachers. Nevertheless, everyone can take part in the competition. It has no limits neither on old, education, nor sex.

All Kharkiv citizens are welcomed, as well as residents from all over Ukraine and other countries. For those who is not able to attend the event personally, it is going to be tailored an ONLINE mode.

The participants of the championship will be arranged into four divisions. They start doing their task simultaneously. Each division should be provided with its pile of tasks according to the member’s qualification.

There is an innovation this year. The steering committee establishes a new category for participants. It’s called ‘IT Division’, where skilled IT specialists from Kharkiv IT companies are invited.

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