10th meeting of Smart Club for Front-End Developers

FABRIKA.SPACE, ул. Благовещенская, 1

Attention to all JS Developers!

It’s time to talk about JavaScript.The first meeting in 2017 will take place on February 10 at Fabrika Space.


  1. Andrew Kanunnikov (WookieeLabs, Javascript Developer)

Subject: “Lazy loading of React applications”

Splitting the project into separate asynchronous loadable modules – one of the main and most effective approaches in optimizing of React applications. However, the implementation of that, even using the built-in mechanisms Webpack 1/2, carries a lot of nuances and pitfalls, especially if you want to preserve the Server-Side Rendering. We’ll talk about such nuances and challenges, as well as whether or not it is worth it during the report.  

  1. Ilya Klimov (WookieeLabs, CEO)

Subject: “React fiber – the future is already here”

For a long time the ecosystem React seemed mature and stable. This consistency promoted the influx of new developers, and (imaginary) simplicity helped to start programming with ease and efficiency. However Inferno, Vue and a lot of other frameworks and libraries appeared like Jack from the box during the 2016. Those frameworks and libraries claim that React is not that swift, not that good and is outdated in general. Nevertheless, it is too early to write off the Facebook’s creation. So what is that ace up in the sleeve of React and what do developers need to expect with the beginning of Fiber era?

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