EPAM has completed the first stage of transformation of the State Statistics Service

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EPAM, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the State Statistics Service, launched the public beta version of the stat.gov.ua portal and an online survey on the employment of Ukrainians.

The effort covers a transformation strategy and its digital implementation using advanced cloud and data technologies. The main goal is to bring the tools and methods of work of the state organization closer to the principles of the modern technology company and, at the same time, bring them in compliance with the standards of similar international statistical institutions, in line with Ukraine’s roadmap toward European integration.

“Quality data is the basis for making management decisions. That is why the State Statistics Service should become a modern organization like an IT company. This will allow you to receive real-time data, analyze it quickly, and disseminate it. We have already launched the first State Statistics survey in online format. We continue to work on digital transformation so that state bodies, business representatives, and society receive high-quality and up-to-date data. I am grateful to our partners – EPAM – for their support in implementing the digital transformation of the State Statistics Service,”Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology – Minister of Digital Transformation.

“EPAM’s support for Ukraine is unwavering. We are privileged to be a partner in helping Ukraine modernize and transform its public sector and social platforms. Today, the Ukrainian IT industry and government are pioneering a new model for state digitalization that drives greater resilience and serves as an inspiration to nations around the world,”– said Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO and President at EPAM Systems.

The initial consultations on the transformation of the State Statistics Service began two years ago, when EPAM experts analyzed the state of digitalization of state statistics bodies and developed a concept of digital transformation. After competitive selection process, EPAM was awarded with a role as a primary partner for the new State Statistics Service system implementation.

The foundation of the solution is built based on – Quanthub, EPAM’s product for managing the life cycle of data – from collection, cleaning, transformation, analysis, to distribution. The platform was additionally adapted to the State Statistics Service requirements: its interface was translated into Ukrainian and enhanced with an upgraded statistical production process. This updated system was named “Sigma” – to reflect the Greek symbol for mathematics.

“With 30 years of experience, EPAM has a rich history of engineering, consulting and developing digital solutions for global enterprises. We are delighted to be a part of a significant project aimed at transforming the State Statistics Service, and to apply our expertise and best practices to assist with the transformation in Ukraine,” – added Yury Antaniuk, Vice President, Head of Central and Eastern Europe at EPAM Systems, Inc.

The digital transformation of the State Statistics Service is not the first large-scale project in which EPAM experts are involved. Four years ago, the Company’s volunteers developed the first version of the Diia mobile application, which, over time, became a powerful platform for providing digital public services.

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