Digest of June events on the EEN platform

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Today, companies face numerous economic challenges and unpredictable events on a daily basis. Entering and establishing partnerships in the international market is a complex task that requires great effort and resources. War has become a barrier to concluding contracts for the supply of goods abroad. EU, American, and Canadian countries are afraid to engage in direct trade relations with Ukrainian manufacturers, as there are no guarantees that cooperation will be long-term and successful. However, the Kharkiv IT Cluster community has found a solution — to become part of the EEN.

Enterprise Europe Network Consortium — the world’s largest network supporting small and medium-sized businesses with international ambitions. In this way, our community has opened up opportunities in markets in 60 countries.

What scaling opportunities are available for businesses in June?

The Enterprise Europe Network provides opportunities to search for business partners, technology transfer, market and regulatory consultation, and also hosts events. The network operates in over 60 countries through regional offices, providing local support.

Therefore, on the platform, one can find various events for developing business connections, integrating into international projects, and showcasing their products in new locations. What international activities can IT companies expect in June?

Trade and Innovate Mission from the Netherlands to Estonia and Finland

From May 30th to June 6th, a unique trade mission to Northern Europe will take place, where you will have the opportunity to explore the economic prospects and innovative opportunities for developing the IT business in Estonia and Finland. This mission is a great opportunity to expand your network in the regions and deepen your knowledge of the Baltic and Northern European markets.

Company mission «Ukrainian Women in Tech»

From June 11 to 13, the Women in Tech Summit will take place in Warsaw. Ukrainian IT companies will be able to present their products, network with international partners, and participate in a workshop on obtaining funding for business development.

Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften in Baden-Württemberg — Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung, Finanzierung & Best Practices

On June 24, Baden-Württemberg International will host an event for SMEs, startups, and multipliers. The theme is economic changes and sustainable entrepreneurship. At the event, you will receive valuable advice for the resilience of your company even in times of economic instability. You will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences and establish partnerships with other entrepreneurs.

More events can be found on the Enterprise Europe Network website.

How to become part of the EEN Consortium?

To learn more about opportunities on the platform, contact the project coordinator — Tatiana Kurtova @Tatiana_Kurtova on Telegram. Don’t hesitate — expand your business borders right now with Enterprise Europe Network!

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