How can we ensure convenience and support for each client? Insights from Alice Zayats, head of commercial direction and support at Taxer

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In the modern world, where technology becomes our faithful assistant, it is important for every user to feel not only the convenience of using the service but also the support when needed.

At TAXER, the team understands this well, which is why the company has a special department that takes care of first impressions and provides customer support — it’s the support team.

Alisa Zayats, the head of this department, talks about the work of the commercial direction and support.

Support at TAXER: what is it?

It’s a team of professionals who are the first line of defense for any user of the TAXER company. These are the people who are ready to respond to customer requests, provide necessary information, or help solve issues of any complexity. They are the ones who make the service even more accessible and convenient.

One of TAXER’s key advantages is that it is the only tax service where the client can interact not only with technical systems but also with real people. The company’s support is not just an automated response system and a set of articles in the Knowledge Base. These are real experts from the technical, legal, and accounting departments who understand customer requests and help resolve them.

Legal and Accounting Support

  • Distinctive Signs of Professionalism

What sets TAXER apart from others is the presence of legal and accounting support. When a client has a question related to legal aspects or accounting, they can rely on qualified professionals from the commercial and support teams. They are ready to provide comprehensive consultation and help with any complex aspects of tax accounting.

  • Our People: Cool and Professional

The greatest value of the company is its people. TAXER is proud that its team consists not only of professionals in their field but also of cool and friendly individuals. This transforms mechanical actions into efficient and enjoyable activities.

How does it work?

Interacting with TAXER support is easy. You can contact us with any questions through the feedback form on our website or from your personal account (section Cabinet — My requests), by email, or by phone. We are always here to make your TAXER experience even better.

Support at TAXER is not just a service, it’s a lifestyle. We believe in the importance of interaction, support, and convenience for each of our users. Therefore, by choosing TAXER, you are choosing not only a tax service but also a team of professionals who are always ready to help you. With TAXER, you won’t feel alone in the world of taxes and accounting — we are always by your side. Join our Taxer community!

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