CodeIT Invincibility Hubs are a real support for the team

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At the beginning of 2022, CodeIT made the plan to ensure the company’s uninterrupted operation in the absence of electricity. Such preventive measures helped the team to adapt to blackouts faster and continue to implement their clients’ projects despite the darkness.

«In general, the plan was implemented effectively, the blackouts hardly affected the work, and our offices became a reliable support for the team,» said Alex Kholodenko, CEO of CodeIT, recalling the events of the past year.

Office in Kharkiv

The upgrade of the space in the reinforced concrete city began in March 2022 with the first Starlink. The next step was to install generators to run equipment and heat rooms.

«We took care of the close location of the bomb shelter and its heating. If necessary, team members and their families can stay here for the night,» said Alex.

team_codeit-414x276 CodeIT Invincibility Hubs are a real support for the team

Office in Vinnytsia

The workspace in the City of Fountains is as good as the Kharkiv hub. It has everything you need for comfortable and uninterrupted work: a generator, several independent power sources, and constant access to the Internet. In addition, everyone in the office can always keep warm with different warmers designed for all members of the company.

The CodeIT team shared the process of equipping the office with a 200-kilogram generator on their social media.

«We opened the offices for use by the families of our team and the Kharkiv IT Cluster community,» Alex emphasizes.

teammate_codeit-414x276 CodeIT Invincibility Hubs are a real support for the team

Given that Starlink is more designed to work from home, the CodeIT team found a solution in this case as well. The company connected to the servers (access/ACS) using outbound tunnels to existing servers in the «cloud infrastructure».

Remote work format

The management did not forget about the specialists who cannot be in the offices in Kharkiv or Vinnytsia. Therefore, as part of the Business Continuity Plan, the company has allocated funding so that team members can provide themselves with various equipment options that guarantee power and Internet access for 8 hours.

«Our team is already on a first-name basis with various types of generators, charging stations, power banks, inverters, and batteries,» says Alex Kholodenko, CEO of CodeIT.

Nothing will stand in the way of CodeIT and the entire IT community in Ukraine!
We keep working, proving that we are one of the best in the world and bringing the Victory closer!

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