ClearCut from Quantum: Deforestation Tracking

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Quantum has released its innovative project — the ClearCut platform that monitors deforestation.

Thus, everyone can track all the deforestation changes in the Kharkiv region and learn about illegal logging to reduce its frequency!

tree-480x480 ClearCut from Quantum: Deforestation Tracking

How does it work?

The ClearCut platform uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to quickly respond to all changes. AI collects data every 3-5 days and analyzes it to generate a report.

The platform’s sources are open to any person or company, which is essential for environmental institutions as it allows them to track changes in forests and promptly react to illegal activities.

On a specially created map, analyzed areas are color-indicated:

  • yellow — areas that haven’t changed over the analyzed period;
  • red — areas, where there is an increase in deforestation;
  • blue — areas that have no satellite data.

For this important initiative, Quantum joined forces with SCGIS Ukraine, Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS).

leaf-480x480 ClearCut from Quantum: Deforestation Tracking

“Quantum is a socially conscious company, and we understand the importance of an acute environmental problem like deforestation, especially illegal logging. That is why we created this open-source platform”, states Ruben Melkonian, CEO at Quantum.

Kharkiv IT Cluster believes that such initiatives change our world for the better. The ClearCut platform is bound to contribute to illegal logging reduction.

“Quantum continues its collaboration with environmentalists and is working on an updated version of ClearCut that will allow to increase the accuracy of felling detection by 10-15%”, — shared Ruben Melkonian.

tree-1-480x480 ClearCut from Quantum: Deforestation Tracking

Read more about the project on the Quantum website.

Let’s take care of the environment together!

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