Ciklum company has introduced its requirements for Junior specialists for the project of the cluster Hard Skills Exam

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Ciklum company in Kharkov has become the seventh IT company that has made its requirements for beginning IT specialists in general list of competencies, that is, the checklist of skills and abilities.

Established in 2002, Ciklum is a global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world. Ciklum works with the most innovative brands around the globe, with 3500+ developers and 200+ client teams in state-of-the-art development centers world-wide. Our teams provide clients with a range of services including extended software development teams, quality assurance, R&D, IoT, Big Data, product development, and engineering consulting.

From now on, the general list of competencies for specialists in Javascript and Quality Assurance that is unique for Kharkiv, includes requirements for candidates aiming to work in Ciklum, NIX Solution, Raccoon Gang, EPAM, Data Art, Sigma Software and SoftServe.

The list has already been received by all the IT schools in the city. It is planned that the checklist will additionally adapt the training program to the needs of the business. Moreover, the checklist of competencies is convenient to use to plan the mastering of the profession and to prepare yourself for interviews with leading Kharkov companies in a better way.

In the future, beginning specialists will pass exams on questions according to the required competencies.

The Hard Skills Exam project aims to improve the quality of IT training through the interaction of educational organizations (IT schools and courses) and business. Compiling a list of the unique joint checklist of competencies is the first stage of the project. Now IT schools already provide questions for the future exam. They will be evaluated by technical experts from IT companies.
Thus, a rating of IT courses on methodical work will appear. The next step will be the Junior certification, compilation of a rank of courses on the quality of training and the transfer of application forms of the best young IT specialists in the company.

The organizers of the project are a portal to lifelong learning SuKhaRi and Kharkiv IT Сluster.