#ChooseToChallenge: the secret of success of Ukrainian women in IT

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Women in Tech Ukraine in cooperation with Kharkiv IT Cluster and EPAM Ukraine held a productive online broadcast “#ChooseToChallenge: Ukrainian women in IT”.

businesswoman #ChooseToChallenge: the secret of success of Ukrainian women in IT

The speakers of the broadcast were:

  • Yekateryna Sushkova, project manager and pre-sales coordinator in the Centre of mobile development competences, EPAM Ukraine;
  • Olga Shapoval, executive director of Kharkiv IT Cluster;
  • Maria Suvalova, senior .NET engineer, people manager, EPAM Ukraine.

The executive director of Kharkiv IT Cluster Olga Shapoval participated in the webinar from Women in Tech Ukraine to share how successful women of Ukraine go through crisis moments, become stronger every day, and professionally grow.

Speakers talked on such topics:

  • how to find work&life balance, what to do when it is difficult to handle it;
  • charisma sources, its meaning and impact on a manager’s career;
  • life hacks to help when there is no time and resources for charisma;
  • burnout prevention;
  • hobby: why it is essential even in the swirl of deadlines and home life;
  • building a career in IT: from a student to a tech lead and people manager.

businesswoman-2 #ChooseToChallenge: the secret of success of Ukrainian women in IT

“When talking about a work&life balance, I’m often asked how I manage to do everything I plan. The truth is that one never has time for everything. But I know that I always can handle important things. That’s why one needs to define what is important for them and stop trying to be perfect. Done is better than perfect — that’s true” — said Olga Shapoval, Kharkiv IT Cluster.

The speakers shared that in their opinion gender does not matter in modern IT. Nowadays, any girl in IT can be successful and effective. So if you are still reluctant to enter IT — watch the webinar and don’t hesitate to join the leading industry in the world right now!

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