Advice from Kharkiv IT Cluster: how to read more

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How many books have you read this year? Up to 100 books? Or only one?

There is nothing bad even if not a single one! We will tell you how to read more, and next year, you will be able to boast of how much you read, and most importantly, of how much new knowledge you gained.

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Here are the life hacks from Kharkiv IT Cluster!

  • Choose books on an individual basis. Don’t be guided by lists like “18 books to read before you turn 18”.
  • Read only what you really like. Usually, it is enough to read 15–20 pages to understand whether you like a book or not.
  • Find a convenient time and place. Some people prefer to read in the morning, in a subway, in a park, others like to read before going to bed. Try everything.
  • Let reading become your habit. Allocate at least half an hour a day with no exceptions.
  • Try not to read, but listen. Audiobooks are a great option if you get tired of sitting still while reading.
  • Make sure that a book is always at hand, before your eyes, easily accessible. For example, download an electronic version to your phone.
  • Don’t chase numbers. Nobody will applaud after you finish reading. You read for yourself, therefore do it thoughtfully and just enjoy.
  • Visit a bookstore. The atmosphere will inspire you to read, and on the shelves, you can find books you never even knew existed.

We hope our tips will help you read more and learn about things that never crossed your mind.

project-480x480 Advice from Kharkiv IT Cluster: how to read more
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